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Abdominal scar revision surgery

The scar from your belly button incision should be well hidden A tummy tuck procedure involves making an incision just above the pubic hair line, removing the excess skin and fat, and tightening the abdominal muscle More.

Some of these benefits include: an improvement in pain after mesh removal. removal of an infected hernia mesh. removal of a recalled mesh implant. repair of any perforated or damaged organs or tissues. putting an end to chronic pain associated with the defective hernia mesh device. overcoming post-operative depression. Mr Bialostocki will perform a detailed, individualised assessment and provide advice relevant to your situation. As a comprehenisively trained plastic surgeon, Mr Bialostocki offers a wide range of techniques to improve scarred tissues including: scar re-alignment, scar revision, z-plasty, w-plasty, local flaps, fat grafting and free tissue.

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Some women even report having abdominal pain years after their c-section. The most common way for physicians to perform a cesarean is to do the bikini cut which is an incision right above the bikini line in a horizontal manner. As with any incision or injury to the body, it can cause scar tissue. The outward scar is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Scar treatment with embrace™. Abdominal scar revision. After photos are 6 months post-surgery. Photos Courtesy of Neodyne Biosciences, Inc.

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